Little changes, a huge transformation.

Little changes, a huge transformation.

Do you have sometimes an urge to do something, to change something in your life? Like for example, you decide to change your food habits, to eat healthier. With this sometimes you might also decide to start to exercise. So you go to the professional trainer and dietician. Or you look online for some plans, programs, apps, that will help you with that. And that is great. You have a plan. Maybe you have someone who keeps an eye on you, on your progression. Who, hopefully, also motivates you to keep going. This is amazing. Though it might be a bit tough and challenging. Especially at the beginning of that road.

You might have a tendency, when it comes to improvements in your life, to look for some megaplan. Some complete and complex way that will, straightaway, fix all your life areas. And well, the good part is, that you look for that. That you are willing to improve your life. To lead a better, happier and more enjoyable life. Though, how many times you actually find that kind of solution? And if you did, were you ready to start with it? Or you postpone it? I’ll start tomorrow, then tomorrow, then tomorrow, then…never. It takes a lot of will power and self-discipline to start and follow this kind of path. And honestly, good for you if you belong to a group of people who are like that. Whos has this will-power and self-discipline.

However, if you don’t, if you get discouraged quite easily. Or if you find it hard to start. If you get scared and overwhelmed by the massive solution you will have to implement it into your life. You might want to try this approach. Instead of searching for a complete solution that will change your life, of course, if you will start with it. Look what small thing you can change in your life today. Let say you want to eat healthier and start some exercise routine, right? So, this change might be, for example, to switch deep fry fries for a backed or cooked potatoes. Instead of using mayo to your salad, use greek yoghurt. Instead of going to the gym for a hour or two, five times a week, go for a fifteen minutes walk. Do ten squads and five pushups.

Do you see where this going? How does this sound to you? Is it still scary? Is it still overwhelming and frustrating? Can you do this? Of course, you can. Will that be easier? Will including this change be more relaxed? Will it change your life? Absolutely. You can apply this technique, to any area of your life, you would like to improve. Just look at what you want to achieve. Set your mind for a goal you want to accomplish. And then, look for a small thing, that you can do now. That you can implement into your life now. Keep to that little change, as this way you are creating a new, positive habit. And every week add another step, another little thing to it. This way you will improve your life in no time and without tension.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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