Long-term goals, achieve them easier.

Long-term goals, achieve them easier.

Do you have goals? I’m sure you do. Are those goals are short or long term? How good you are at staying focus on your goals? Setting a goal is pretty easy, isn’t it? You most likely do this at least once a year, every new year eves. Those are usually big, life-transforming and long-term ones. Things like, I stop smoking, I will exercise more, I will eat healthier, I will be more kind to others and so on. Maybe you set goals more often, for shorter periods as well. Like I will save money for a new car, or for a better TV, or I will travel to a place I always wanted to. All those goals and plans are great. Setting a goal is a very good thing. Though, it might bring some challenges.

What kind of challenges, you ask? Well, having a goal is a great thing, as I said. Though, it requires from you a few things. You need to be clear about what you want to achieve. You need to set a simple and transparent plan of how you want to get to your goal. You do not need to be precise and list all obstacles, that might show up on the road. You will deal with them as you go. They might, but might not show up. So, do not worry about them. Focus rather on your goal and things you can do now to get you closer to it. Ask yourself – What can I do today to move toward my goal? And then just do it.

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That whole goal setting and achieving will test your will power. Your self-control and determination. Especially, when it comes to the long-term ones. With short-term goals, is easier as you nearly see, nearly feel the reword. When with the long-term, well, the reword is nice, appealing and you do want it. But it is somewhere there, far away. This can create doubtful thoughts, lessening your self-confidence, as if you will be able to actually get there. Those distance goals will test you many times on your road. Your will, self-discipline will be put to trial an uncountable number of times. However, when you pass all those tests you will be granted great success. You will achieve your goal.

Moreover, this will increase your will power, your self-control and your self-confidence. And do remember about the feeling of happiness. To make this whole process easier, you might want to start to track your daily choices. This will improve your self-awareness and gives you an understanding of the root causes of your behaviours. Meditation also is very helpful as it increases self-control, attention, focus, impulse-control. Exercising is another helpful action. Focus on how much you are, realistically, able to exercise and just do it. Eat plenty of fruits and drink plenty of water this will keep the right glucose level in your brain, which is necessary for thinking, learning and managing stress. And last but not least, be compassionate to yourself if you fail at some task. Just learn from that failure, get up and return on track to your goal. Until you achieve it.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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