Look at your emotions.

Look at your emotions.

Sometimes you might have a feeling that your emotions are dangerous, harming and threatening. Like a whirl of noisy puppies, barking and growling at everything. In such a moment, you might lose your sense of reality and surrender to the feeling of chaos. But you might as well take a step back and look at that situation from a distance. At this moment you will start to recognise to whom belongs all those paws, tails and snouts.

You can do the same with your emotions. Just stop for a second. Take a mental step back. Relax. And see that this is just a few tangled emotion. Fear, anxiety, stress. Look at them closely. Find out what is that you are afraid of. Is it something unknown? Something new? Is it fear that you will not manage to take care of the situation? That it will be something bigger than you are able to overcome?

This fear increases your stress and anxiety. But why you are afraid of something new? Something unknown? Why are you not believe in yourself? Why all new things you are taking as a threat? When you truly think about answers to those questions, most likely you might discover one thing. That all those emotions are coming to you because you are missing one basic element. It is a feeling of safety. The one rooted deep in you. The build-in, strong feeling of security, no matter what.

This is the missing part creating that whole chaos you might experience. Not your fear or stress or anxiety. To overcome this just take and give yourself a big hug and say to yourself. I love you. I will be with you always. No matter what happens. You are safe because I am here with you. You have my friendship, love and support. Do this every day, and you will see how your emotions will change, and your feeling of safety grows.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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