Maintain a healthy balance.

Maintain a healthy balance.

The world around you is putting huge pressure on being super productive. Doing 500% of the standard. On having a lot of achievements. On being always busy and in a move.

Submitting yourself to such a way of living, you are staying in a constant mode that, by many authorities, is called survival mode. You might feel stressed, annoyed, anxious or even depressed. Especially if you are busy doing things that are not your favourites or working for someone else.

Don’t get me wrong it is good to be busy. It is good to have achievements. I would even say that this is necessary. Thing is that you need to have a balance between work and relaxation time.

Otherwise, you will burn out very quickly. You will lose your motivation and will, to do things. No matter if that will be your job or thing you love to do.

Even worst, this situation might push you towards some stimulants, such as alcohol or drugs. It is just my guess, but I don’t think you would necessarily like or want that.

My advice, find some time to just relax. Go for a short walk. Meditate. Find something that will allow you to relax, catch your breath and charge up your batteries.

Maintain a healthy balance between work and relaxation. Work honestly. Put whole your heart, knowledge and soul into that. And after, take time off and also, honestly rest, enjoying life and charging up yourself.


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