Maintain positive vibes on a bad day.

Maintain positive vibes on a bad day.

I am sure that you wake up some days feeling full of energy, happy cause of the new day. Excited what it will bring you. What interesting you will experience. What amazing things, views you will see. You feel the excitement in your whole body.

But there are also days when you feel heavy and not really in the mood to do anything. Everything is just not right. Chores that usually are nice or ok, on these days are just awful. You would love to wrap yourself up in a blanket and hide in the deepest hole you could find.

How can you manage through those days? What can you do to survive? How can you improve your mood? Is this possible at all? The answer is yes. You can lift your spirit and feel better. This is possible and requires very little effort.

For starter, remind yourself that you got this day as a gift from life.From you depends how you gonna go through it. You have some unpleasant thoughts, emotions? Well, that’s happened from time to time. Think about them as temporary. Or as clouds that you can blow away to shine again.

Look at those thoughts from a perspective, as they are not yours, belongs to someone else. Ask yourself, is that what I want to think and in the result feel? You can be sure that everything will be alright. Say that to yourself at loud. Everything will be alright, I love you, You are my best friend. This simple thing will improve your mood and in result your whole day

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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