Maintain your focus on the task.

Maintain your focus on the task.

Quite often people complain about monotony in their lives. Are you feeling the same? Do you want things to be different? Are you bored of repeating the same thing every day?

From one side your brain loves the things to be the same as then it can go on autopilot. On the other hand, the brain gets bored pretty quickly.

In such situations, when you are doing something, you might start to wander with your thoughts, not paying attention to the dangers that might occur. That’s the easiest way to accidents.

But what can you do? How do you can be focused on the thing you are proceeding with? The solution is quite simple, actually. Whatever is your job, that you need to perform, change something in it. Just a little bit.

For example, if you are office staff and every day you need to write some piece of documents. Simply change the colour of text, font style and size.

Those simple changes will make you think that you are doing something new and exciting. Sure thing after you finish change it back to meet company standards.

But for your enjoyment, you can be very creative on how you can perform your tasks to keep your focus. So be creative. Find your way of doing things.


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