Make your choice.

Make your choice.

You might be hit by life very hard. You might be thrown on the desks. You might feel broken, crushed, destroyed. But it is you who can do something about it. You have three options.

  • You can give up and stop trying to change or do something,
  • You can give in and stop fighting with events, and just go with the flow,
  • You can give it all. Refuse to be defeated and without the power to do something.

Sometimes, but very rarely, the two first choices are the only solution possible. But the third option is where you grow and get stronger. How you respond to the beating you get from life is your decision.

Things not always will be the way you would like. Not always, everything will be great and amazing. That’s how life goes. How it is. But from your choice depends on if this will be your end or turning point in your life.

Choose wisely. Grow stronger, smarter, better. But most of all love yourself. This will give you the power and motivation to do what is necessary to achieve your goal

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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