Manifest your gift

Manifest your gift

Our society put a lot of pressure on having a job. Working a minimum of 8 hours a day, for at least five days a week. To get some money that covers their basic needs. A lot of parents, press on their children, to get high education in the field, where is the highest pay rate.

I am not discouraging anybody from getting an education of any sort. Though, in my opinion, we as a society, place to much value in money and physical goods. Where other skills are neglected. Of course, having money is important and it simplifies life.

But we came to this world with a gift, each of us with a different gift. With the special ability that when we use it, it makes us feel complete and happy. And, first of all, we should focus our efforts to master that gift. Secondly, we need to manifest that gift to the world. Show it to people. Share it with them.

There is no point to have great treasure and keep it hidden. Let your gift shine. This way, you will feel joy, you make people benefit from your gift. In return for your gift, you will become a wealthy person. Both spiritually and physically


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