Did you ever wonder how much do you manipulate other people to get what you want? I hear now you saying you are not like that. You do not manipulate others. Sadly, you do. As all of us. This way or another. Mostly you even might not be aware of this. However, this is how we all were taught when we were children and teenagers, by observing other people in our surroundings, in movies and so on.

All your life you were, consciously or not, manipulating others to get what you want. It is called persuasion or negotiation. It is not bad if you not harming others. And you have clear intentions to not only receive something but to give equivalent in return. Unfortunate is when you do this with bad intentions, of just to get something or get much more than you give.

The worst part of this is that you might manipulate yourself, to not achieve your goals. All those but’s, excuses, reasons why you are not doing something, that might be your greatest achievement, all of this are manipulations on yourself. What can you do about that self-manipulation? Here are a few steps, questions that might be helpful.

What would you like to have or do? Focus on this. Imagine how nice would be to have this. Feel the emotions accompanying getting and having this item. See yourself already doing or owning this thing. As always use as many as possible senses when you visualise yourself with it or doing it.

This way, you are thinking and manipulating yourself positively, as you are focusing on the positive outcome. Finally, trust that the Universe, God or Higher Instance will put on your way the right people. Ones, that will help you with clear intentions.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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