Meaning of commitment.

Meaning of commitment.

We need to be careful with using word TRY. Better is to use word commit. But you may wonder what committing to do something actually means. When you commit, to do something, you actually engage with this thing. Commitment should be a thing that it might, and even it should scare you a little. But it MUST be a thing that you know it is doable. Hard, but possible to achieve. Committing means that you are ready to do some sacrifices and you have a plan, steps to follow along.

Let say for example you commit to exercising. You set a plan that every second day you will do 5 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 5 squads and 5 crunches. Is it scary? It might be if you a beginner. Is it doable? Yes. It’s not like starting up with 100 of repetitions. So you make a decision and commit to workout as you planed. And when you commit to this. Then no matter if you feel you don’t want to. No matter if something will try to stop or disturb you. You commit, so you might make some adjustments but you will follow your plan. Therefore, whenever you decide to do something – Commit to it. Set your plan. And follow it.


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