Miracles of 24 hours

Miracles of 24 hours

I had so bad day yesterday. I could not believe this is happening to me. It was so horrible. I am still feeling bad when I think about that moment.

So why you don’t stop? Why are you focusing your thoughts and the same your energy on bad memories of yesterday? What concentrating on those terrible situations will give you?

It is true, that life is a sequence of events. However, there is a magic moment every 24 hours. At this moment, the new day gives you new opportunities, a new beginning.

This means, whatever happened yesterday. Whatever you screw up. It is past already. And now, your present time starts. Your life is a set of 24 hours long segments.

Is this not a miracle? That every 24 hours, you can start all over again? Do you get a new fresh beginning?

But what with yesterday, you might ask? Well, think for a while. Can you change it yesterday? What will give you to focus on the things that did not go well?

It is you who decides what you will take from yesterday. Will that be a feeling of defeat or failure? Or maybe just take a lesson, and draw conclusions from yesterday’s events?

You have a whole new day, a new beginning, a fresh start. Think about that this way. Yesterday’s events possibly happen so you could remove some unnecessary thoughts and beliefs.

Most important – it was yesterday. And today is today. Take that chance to improve yourself, your life and start your new day.


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