Money, are they really so powerful?

Money, are they really so powerful?

Are you, as most people, crave to get more and more money? To have them more? To earn more? Do you tend to keep them? Holding them firmly in your pocket, bank account, socks? Are you feel pain, having to spend money on things, that are not necessarily considered by you as important? Like car fixes. House improvements, health checkups, charities and so on? How hard, in your opinion, is to make money, to gain and keep them. Are you think that it is very hard and difficult to do this? That you need to work long hours and sometimes do things, you do not fully agree with, to get some compensation? Is that what you think? Is that what you believe?

Well, you are not alone in this kind of way of believing and thinking about money. Other beliefs, that you might hold to, about money are, when I get enough money I will be happy. The money will buy me a house, food, clock, doctor, bed, insurance, and so on. And that’s true. Money can buy you that. And you need money to buy those things if that’s what you want. And I fully agree that you require money. And I believe that money are good. And that you and we all, are created to be rich and enjoy wealth and abundance in life. You are here to evolve, expand your interests, your skills and knowledge. And for that money are needed. 

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But think about this. Yes, with money you can buy a house, but can you buy a home? With money, you can buy insurance. But, will money buy you safety? With money, you can buy a clock. But, can you buy a time? You need money to buy a bed. But, can money, buy you sleep? You need money to buy food. Though will money, buy you appetite? Do you see where I am going with this? Yes, you need money and as I said, money are good and necessary. With money, you can do many things, that might be hard to do without them. Though you need to start to perceive them not as a goal in itself. Rather as a mean to achieve your goals.

You need to understand that you already have, in you, all that you need. You have the most important asset in the world. You have the best supporter in the world. A person who loves you unconditionally. The best fan you can think of. Yet, you do not want to use this support. You rarely are aware of that, or you are afraid of admitting that. Yes, you right, I am meaning you. It is you who has all the power to change your life. It is you who has the power to improve self and as a result self-existence. Now, will you use these powers? Will you finally, enjoy your life and appreciate yourself and all your skills, knowledge and other attributes? The decision is yours.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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