Multi-skilling – your way to success.

Multi-skilling – your way to success.

Let us talk about skills today. Should you focus on acquiring just one or maybe you should learn as many as possible? What are the cons and pros of being multiskilled? Let’s check this together, shall we?

Did you hear, people, saying, that you need to specialise in one specific area? That you need to focus on one specific thing and master it? Spend 10 000 hours on it to become an expert? Or maybe you want to start your business and offer your services to the people. Did you hear a statement, that you need to find your precise niche and focus on it? On creating your customer model with all details like job, education, hobbies and their needs?

You might hear also saying, that if something is good for everything, it is good for nothing. Or maybe, that you can not be really good, in more than one thing. Did you hear that kind of statements? Or maybe others, similar to that. You might find a lot of guides and articles saying that you need to focus just on one thing. That you have to be an expert in just one specific field. That you need to find your corner.

But, what is the truth? Should you really focus on becoming an expert in just one area? Avoiding any distractions and refusing to learn anything else, besides your chosen category? Or, in the case of your services, should you have just one specified niche and offer you aid just to it? Same with selling products, should you concentrate just on one category? Let say on toys for boys, or should you have a broad range of toys for all kids?

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I can bet, you heard many examples and profs, that being focus on just one thing, is the only way to being successful. Like the example with light, I have heard many times. It says, that a 100W lightbulb, gives you a lot of light, but in a small area and it is not seen from far. Where 5W laser can be seen from a moon. This has some sense, right? But, is that the definite truth? The one and only?

Look at the great people from the past. Where they experts in just one area? Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculpture, inventor, architect, engineer, just to list the main of his interests. Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, inventor, administrator, statesman, newspaper editor. Nicolaus Copernicus was an astronomer, canon lawyer, medic, physician and land administrator.

What about more recent examples. Steve Jobs was a businessman, designer, investor, member of Pixar and Disney boards. Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman, game designer, writer and public speaker. The most popular shops, where you do your shopping, have a broad range of products.

From those few examples above, you can see, that those great people, even if known from just one discovery, they were interested in many different areas of knowledge. They did not limit themselves to just one field. They were hungry for knowledge in many categories. The thing is, they were also seeing complex patterns and finding connections between them.

It is true, that being an expert in just one area, might bring you fame and possible wealth. It will surely, make you more confident when it comes to this topic of your choice. And, being the only expert in some matter, can make you more desirable, in case that kind of expertise will be needed. Though, how often this can happen?

Yes, in movies you could see scenes where some expert was called. But, can you be sure, that this will happen to you as well? And how often this might happen through your life? I do not want to sound pessimistic, more realistic. Yes, there is a possibility of this. And if you know the law of attraction, you can pull this kind of events into your life.

However, don’t you think, that being focused on one thing, restricts you? Limit your experience of many different things? From learning new exciting ideas. From discovering new ways, new schemes, new approaches, new designs and methods. Making your life experience minor. Limit your options for being successful.

So what should you choose? This is and should be your decision. No one has the right to chose that for you. Of course, you can be an expert in just one area, though do not limit yourself just to it. On the other hand, you can have a stack of multiple skills, though do not stretch yourself too much. The important thing is to have balance, same like in every life area.

Would you not agree? What do you think about this topic? What are your thoughts? Please, share them in the comments section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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