Nature of failure.

Nature of failure.

How do you understand failure? How do you react when you fail? Does this mean the end of the road? End of the world? Does it define who you are? That is what most people think, it is their understanding. I hope it is not yours. However, if you think likewise, listen to this.

This kind of thinking is imprinted in you from your early childhood. When you see so many people, in your surroundings, that fail and could not get up. When you see them defeated, without willing to do anything about that failure.

When you see and hear them talking in a way, if not this or that, things would be better. You subconsciously feel that they wrong, that this is not true. But, yet, their older, more experienced, so maybe they are right.

The truth, actually, is that the nature of the failure is to show you something that does not work. To teach you how you can improve something. How you can become better in doing, whatever is that you fail at. Purpose of failing is to inform you that there is a better way of doing something.

Failure wants to educate you to become better. It wants to test you, your determination to push forward with your dream, even if the world around you is against you and it is telling you it is not a good idea.

Remember about that next time you fail or you will have that feeling that you will fail. It is just a test, information, that you could do better. That you just need to improve, educate a little bit more to succeed.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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