Next move.

Next move.

Do you have a vision of something you would love to create? Do you have a vision of something you would love to achieve? What are you waiting for? O, alright. I got you. You are waiting to know HOW to do that thing? Why?

When you go on a trip. You are setting the end goal in your GPS. Does it tell you all directions? You can check them, sure. But when you press “Start” the GPS is telling you just the NEXT turn, right? It does not tell you another one until you do this one.

That how life and the Universe, work as well. When you listen to your heart and follow it. It just tells you – Hey, here is your vision, and this is the next step toward it. So, let’s start again.

Do you have your vision? Why is for you so important to create that? Why do you want to produce that thing? How will you feel if you get to that point? If you know that you can not fail, what will be your next step toward your vision? When will you do that step?

You might use those questions as a template to create your own, that will motivate you even better. One thing to remember, though. When you will be tempted to use “HOW” type of question, use it only to define your feelings, emotions. Not to establish your steps toward your goal.

Trust your heart and the Universe that they will always show you the best next move. They will always lead you to your goal the best for you, way.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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