Overcome laziness

Overcome laziness

I don’t know if you to hear other people saying – I don’t want to do it. No, I don’t feel like to. Maybe later. I do not want to clean my room. Or I do not want to wash my car. Or I do not want to do this or that. I hear this kind of saying quite often. This kind of apathy is very popular nowadays. It is like a sickness that the whole world has and can’t or most likely do not want to get cured from. It is laziness.

I must admit that, from time to time, I think myself this kind of thought as well. Maybe, you too think or do this way yourself. How can you win in that fight with laziness? What can you do to stop postponing things? I am sure you know the answer already. You are absolutely right. Thing is to just do it. Whatever it is. Just get up and go do it. Leave all the buts to themselves.

I share with you a method that is helping me in that, to actually start acting. Every time, when I know that there is something I need to do, but I feel laziness crawling upon me. I start to count, one, two, three. And at three I’m getting up and do my thing. This might work for you as well. But, there are many methods, that might help you with this task. Just look up for one, or even a few, that will work for you. And then, just start to act.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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