Pain – your foe or friend?

Pain – your foe or friend?

Do you like to feel pain? I guess not. No one likes it. And I am talking here, about all kinds of pain, not only the physical one. Usually, when something painful happens, you might start to complain. Wondering, why this happens to you? Why you have to suffer? Cursing, event, people, god, for allowing this to happen to you. You do not understand, why this painful situation happens. You feel, that this is just not fair. Unjustice. That you are a good person, so it should not come to you. That it should omit you. You do not deserve all this. For your goodness, you should be treated better. At least, without such stressful and painful situations.

And yet, you find yourself suffering. Experiencing pain. You might still be angry with anyone who, in your opinion, cause this. You might curse and complain about that. But this does not change anything. Or maybe? By some magic, the pain will disappear? Everything will go back to its normal state. Really? Do you believe in this? Would be nice, if it would be this way. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your complaining, arguing and cursing will not change nor improve the whole situation. Moreover, it might even make it worse. So, what can you do about it? Why do you feel, any kind of pain? Why do you suffer?

Well, all this suffering and pain came to you for some specific reason. It is not to punish you for something. It is not injustice. It is just a temporary sign, that you are off the road. That you lost, take the wrong direction to your goal. Maybe you forgot about something important. Focusing yourself too much on the lesser things. Like instead of listening to your heart and soul, you start to run after and focus too much on wealth and fame. Instead of being aware, you start to lose yourself, in the whole race for prestige and luxury. Instead of training yourself, your mental powers in positive thinking, you might focus on the faultiness of the world. Rather than increasing your motivation, inspiring others, boosting your gratitude, you might start to focus on mediocrity and defects.

Don’t get me wrong here. I do believe that being rich is good for you. That god, universe, higher instance, do want you and all others to be wealthy. And you need to be wealthy, in order, to grow and develop yourself, to become a better you. Though, you need to remember, that this, being rich, is not a goal in itself. It is just a means to an end. To be a better person, to be able to share your skills and knowledge, and improve your surroundings, and by this, the world itself. The pain and suffering are just to remind you of your main purpose. Teach you humility, when the ego starts to take over you. Warn you, to not follow this path and to adjust your course of action. This is the true purpose of pain and suffering.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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