Perform a self-improvement checkup

Perform a  self-improvement checkup

Starting something new, like a business opportunity, new job and so on, is scary. May be overwhelming. You might feel that you actually don’t know what you are doing. It might appear like a disaster process. But imagine what will happen in five years from today. Well, why look so far, if you are on the new path for a few weeks already, just look back and see how you improve since.
Of course, if you really commit to that new thing in your life. Ask yourself and Be honest with yourself. Am I doing what is required of me?

If you answer yes. First of all pat yourself and relax. It might at the beginning and even later look like a disaster. But in reality, every day you improve your set of skills. You are becoming stronger, better. You grow.
It might be hard for you to actually see this from your perspective of now. But look back, to a day when you start.
It is a bit similar to the situation when you start exercising. You have your workout routine and nutrition plan that you follow. Weeks, months pass, but you actually might not see or feel any changes. And then you met your friend you didn’t see for a long time. Now if you were honest with the exercises and nutrition plan, Your friend will notice the difference, you did not see.

The reason for this is that you are seeing yourself every day and those changes are small, and hard to notice if you focus just on one day. But if you take a longer period, then you start to see improvement.
For this, however, you need to practise the few simple disciplines every day and you might be sure that you will grow and succeed.


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