Permission to live your life

Permission to live your life

Often you might be saying that you could not do something because of some external circumstances. You might be complaining that you could not achieve something because of this or that. This way, you are giving yourself permission, to not do anything about the situation. Don’t you think?

How could you do something, achieve something if, let’s say, the president changed or your neighbour say something or there was bad weather? Or … you probably have already some thoughts in your mind.

Look at those excuses and ask yourself, aren’t those ridiculous? Do you think that those events, people and circumstances are more liable for your doings or not doing? How is that? How, someone, can be responsible for your actions?

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Maybe it is time to stop looking for those kinds of excuses and take your life into your hands?

Take responsibility for your actions, your decisions. It might be scary, yes. And your mind might be trying to convince you, that this is actually dangerous for you and your life.

But, how long do you want, to give others permission, to live your life? To decide what is good for you? To tell you what you like and what not? Is that the life you want? You like? Do you wish to live?

Think about that. The answers are in you. In your heart.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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