Perseverance, talent substitute.

Perseverance, talent substitute.

You might have a talent that is unique and you are proud of. You might use it for the goodness of society. You might spend a lot of time to master that skill. To hone it every day to be the best in using it.

But what if you do not have that one talent? Or, maybe better to say, you did not found one yet? What can you do in such a situation? How can you approach this?

Firstly, cheer up. Secondly, for sure there is something you either good at or you are like to doing. Just take some time and think about this. What is that I enjoy doing? What makes that time flys when I am at it?

If you can’t find answers straight away, observe your life for a while. Look for things, activities, situations that make you happy. Surely you will find your talent in them. At this moment start spending more time doing that thing.

Whether it is painting, writing code, sculpting, cooking, designing or anything else. If it makes you happy, great. Find at least one hour a day to spend on this thing. That’s the bare minimum.

Most important is to be persistent. So even if you will not be, in the beginning, great at that thing, you will improve it by being persistent. As Steve Martin said:

“Perseverance is a great substitute for talent.”

Steve Martin

With this saying, I will leave you to go, to look up for your talent, or to spend time on mastering the one you are aware of. Remember, find your talent and be persistent in hone it. Spend time on it every single day. And, in no time, you will become an expert. Moreover, you will be doing what you love to do.


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