Personal development – a few thought about it.

Personal development – a few thought about it.

Most likely you have heard about self-development, personal development or self-growth? But what it actually is? How can you ensure your growth? Do you need to care about it at all? Let’s try to answer those questions.

What is it?

So what is it, so popular nowadays, personal development? As the name imposes, it is an action or set of actions that one takes to become better in one particular domain which, one wants to master. Or in many domains. The general purpose is for one to become a better person.

Those actions, no matter if applied to one or many fields, include, gathering knowledge about topic or topics. Applying this knowledge in practice. Settings new goals and contemplating the outcomes of applied theory. And lastly, being conscious about the transformation in the current moment.

From that name, self-development, personal growth, you clearly see that it is about you. About your transformation. Not about someone else growth. It is you who is transforming. You work on yourself, to improve your skills in a particular area. To enhance your life by this.

Surely, by this, by your transformation, by you becoming better, you will have an impact on your surroundings, maybe even the world. But your intention is to work on yourself. On improving, evolving, progressing for your own good. And the environmental changes are more like a side effect of your transformation.

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Why you might not want it?

But why you might want to consciously chose to develop, grow yourself? Maybe you feel, let say, “good” in your current place. With your current abilities, skills, a state in general. Maybe you do not want to change anything. You might be also afraid of changes.

This kind of thinking is completely normal. You might be frightened by changes. And that’s ok. We all are afraid of new, unknown. No matter how much you might desire the improvement, if you never were in the desired place, you might feel uneasy. And that is completely ok.

Even if you already achieve your desire goal, but you lost it, you might remember the struggle you had to went through to get to it. And this might also make you feel uneasy. That you will have to go all over that again. Maybe you also don’t trust yourself, that you can keep the achieved goal.

For example, you want to be rich, but you never were. It is something you desire but you don’t know, truly, how it is to be rich, what is associated with this. Or maybe you want to lose weight, you already lose it once or more in past, and you remember the whole unpleasantries of diet, calories counting and exercising. In both situations, you might be hesitant to make any attempts toward your desire.

Why you might want it?

No matter if you are aware of this or not. You grow and transform all the time. No matter what you might say about yourself. No matter what kind of belief about self you hold. You are evolving, transforming all the time. Your whole life. By adjusting to circumstances. By responding to them.

Now, the question is. Would you like to grow consciously and the way you would like to? Or you are ok with developing yourself without thinking about that. Just simply responding, reacting to events, situations you are finding yourself in? Does this actually matter? That, conscious versus subconscious growth?

Think about this, this way. You are transforming all the time, right? Would you prefer to someone chose the path of growth for you? Praying, that it will be aligned, with your heart desires? Or rather you would like to chose the path yourself. Chose the way you would like to follow. The goal to which you want, with whole your heart, go to.

That’s your choices. You can either do nothing and by this allow someone to decide what is good for you. Handing over responsibility for yourself, your development and your life. Or you take the responsibility and make the decision who you want to be, what skills, abilities and knowledge you want to obtain, what life you want to have.


I understand that hearing this, especially the part about taking responsibility, might be and is scary. This is completely normal. Everyone, no matter how this might look outside, everyone has inside a little child that feels scared of the unknown, of new. This is natural. The thing is, how your adult self will approach that child.

Will you be a tyrant for yourself or will you approach yourself with kindness, compassion and understanding? Explaining yourself what and how need to approach this task to grow and develop yourself the way you chose for yourself. The way that is aligned with your goals and desires of your heart.

So, when you know what you want to achieve. What kind of person you want to become. How can you actually do anything about that? There are many ways to approach that. You might for example look for some Youtube videos that will help you improve in the area of your choice.

Other helpful tools are listening to some podcast, reading blogs and magazines. Enrol on a course. Talk with someone who is an expert in the domain of your interest. Then use this knowledge in practice. Fail, get up, adjust and try again. Remember, that this is the way to achieving greatness in any area of life.


Summing up, You develop, evolve all the time either you want it or not. From you depends if that will be the growth you would like, toward your desires and dreams or not. You learn a few simple techniques you can use to follow your own path of advancement. Now it is time for you to decide what will you do with this knowledge.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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