Positivity in negativity.

Positivity in negativity.

What is your first thought when you see through window rain or very cloudy weather? What about if you get late or your bus/train is late? What are your thoughts when something unpleasant happens to you? What is your reaction when something goes wrong, not the way you’ve planed? Are those thoughts of the unfairness of life and negativity of the event? What this kind of approach is giving you? Is it magically change the weather? Or maybe, its made, your transport magically appear in front of you? Or maybe by some witchcraft its made that the course of events changes? None of the above? You say. You feel just worst because of that?

So how can you change this? Is there, actually anything that you can do about that? Of course, it is. And you know that. You might not want to admit that to yourself. Or your subconscious is hiding this before you. But if you look deep in yourself, you know the truth. The truth that you can shift your focus to the positive aspects of these events, instead of focusing on the negativity. And surely you can do it. You know that. It might be a bit challenging at the beginning, but it will be easier and easier each time you do it. Though like I said earlier your subconscious is trying to hide this before you. If you wonder why, well, that is a bit funny story.

You might not know that, or actually, I should say, that you are not aware of fact that you are addicted. Yes, you are. As we all. Our body is addicted. Though not to the drugs. Not in this case. For years you were living in the feeling that you are not lucky. Feeding yourself with negativity. Searching for it in every situation. These findings were creating emotions, and those are simply chemicals in your body. Making you feel in a specific way. This was happening for so long that your body gets addicted to those chemicals. And now it is craving for them. Making you automatically looking for negativity in everything. Just to feel again the same, familiar emotions.

But I do not want to feel bad. Sorry for burst your bubble, but you do. Your body wants to. It knows just this, so it craves for that. But now being aware of that, you might actually change this. Simply by deciding that you will shift your focus. And that you will search for good and positive aspects of every event, in everything. Your body might want to resist as this is something new and unknown for it. But keep going. You can do it. It is a rainy day, World needs rain for growing and secondly, the rain clears out the world as well. You were robbed, but you still have a home, and food and the robber make space for new things in your life. You lost your scarf, you will get yourself a better one and the lost one will serve someone who needs it. Those are just a simple example of how can you turn your thinking. Use this approach and improve your life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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