Power of acceptance.

Power of acceptance.

There is an ability that can help you with achieving everything you like to in your life. That will make your life better, fuller and more delightful. This skill will make you feel good, enjoy every moment in life. Will makes you want to be better, to act, to follow your dreams. What kind of skill is that? And how it might help you? This skill I am talking about is acceptance. Acceptance of others. But most importantly acceptance of self. But I do accept others and myself – you might say. Is that a truth? Do you really accept others? Or do you want to change them? Of course for their own good. And how it is really with accepting yourself?

I do not mean that by accepting yourself you will sit happily not working on becoming a better self. O, I am accepting myself, so I do not need to do anything else. I am simply just so awesome, that there is nothing that I need to improve in me. I am so perfect, so I do not have to do anything. People around me should be glad, that I am with them. That I notice them and in my generosity, I speak to them. If you have that kind of approach, well it is not what I mean. This is the ego showing up. The worst and most treacherous part of you and anyone else. This will not give you any bonuses in your life. Moreover, it might and will lead to many troubles and unpleasant situations.

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So what the acceptance of self means? What kind of acceptance we are talking about? The acceptance you need to have for yourself, the one that will improve your life. You recognise all your pros and cons. All your strengths and weaknesses. And you accept the fact that you have them. You are aware of that. And then, you decide, that you will work on improving the positive values, of self. Allowing yourself to be imperfect, to slip and fall on the ground. To love yourself even if something goes wrong. To support yourself on that journey to becoming a better person. To be an ally for yourself.

By doing this, you build self-confidence, a feeling of safeness and approval by the most important person. You. This will help you also to rewrite your subconscious codes to the ones that will support you. This tactic will help you to free yourself from the fears and limitations you might have in you. To transform your unwanted believes and behaviours into the ones you desire. To improve yourself and by this to improve your whole life experience. To fully enjoy your life. To fully be in love with yourself and your life. And that, my dear friend, is what we all should aim for, don’t you think?

Blessings upon you my friend.

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