Powerful words.

Powerful words.

Did you know that the way you are talking, the words, sentences you are using, impact how are you seen by others? Communication skill is very important. Without it, without being able to communicate properly, you might not be able to build a positive, strong relationship. You will not be able to inform your interlocutor, what you want from him or her. You will not be able to explain your viewpoint, your thinking, expectations, analysis, reasoning. This might lead to conflicts when your words will be mistaken, misunderstood. Even worst, if you a team leader, it might also impact your team productivity. Poor communication skills might make your work, your relationships, your whole life, quite a difficult experience. And, I am assuming, you would like to avoid this and have an easy and happy life, right? So, what can you do?

Well, as usual, I am sure you know the answer to this. You know what to do, even if you do not want to admit this, cause of fear or being ashamed or any other reason. But that is ok. You are a human being, as we all. You have the right to feel all range of emotions. This is normal and innocent. The thing is, how you respond to what you are feeling. But this is not what I want to focus on today. Let’s go back to communication. How can you improve your skill in delivering clear information? In stating your mind in an assertive and respective way? It is not so hard as you might be thinking of. Ok, reword this, it is actually very simple. Whenever you are about to say something, stop for a second and consider if it is exactly what you want to say. How this will be or might be perceived by the person you are talking with.

For example, if you apologise too often, constantly using the “sorry” word, it shows a lack of your self-confidence. I do not mean you should stop apologising. Just observe and think if this is necessary for a given situation. If so, rephrase the sentence. Like, in the case when you are late, instead of saying – sorry for being late. Simple say – thank you for your patience. This way, you show that you are aware of your mistake and you appreciate other people understanding. If you are asked to do something, but you are unable to do it or, maybe, you do not want to do it. Instead of saying – I can’t – say – Here is what I can do for you. This way you show a positive attitude and willingness to help to solve the issue.

Let say you don’t know the answer to a question. Or you are not sure about it. Rather than saying – I don’t know – use – I will find out that for you. When you require someone’s help, assume that this is a normal thing and that person will inform you, if it is able or not, to help you. Saying that you will address the problem, actually means nothing. It doesn’t mean you will or you want to find a solution to it. To take an action to solve it. So, consider saying something that will send a message, that you will take an action. Like, solve, reduce, act on it. One more important thing is to take the compliments. Replace saying – It was nothing – or – I could do better, with simple – I am glad you like it. This way you leave a positive impression and also you build self-confidence.

What about, when you see someone is upset. Are you tending to say to this person to calm down? To relax or to get self together? What happens, when you hear that kind of words? Exactly, you do everything but this, but calming down, right? So, what if you will recognise another person feelings and assure your understanding? You can do this by simple saying – I see you are upset, and I want to help you. There are many more examples of, how can you improve your wording. The point is, to be aware of this how you communicate your thoughts, emotions to others. This awareness and proper communication will improve your life and make it a lot easier.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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