Practice to love yourself.

Practice to love yourself.

Loving yourself is one of the hardest things in the world. You might say, but I love myself. Do you really? Are thoughts that you have made mistakes that you should not, not invading your mind? Are you completely free of blaming yourself for some things that you did or did not do? Are you not thinking that you could do something better, that you could perform better?

If you are truly free from these kinds of thoughts, you can say that you love yourself. More often though, people around you are telling you how good you are and how much they appreciate your presence, help or advice. But you in your head, have all the time those thoughts, that you are not good enough. That you do not deserve those words.

All this happen when as a child and teenager you were compared all the time with others. You were told to be like this person or another or to be better than them. In such moments you start to lose confidence in yourself. Confidence that you are good just because you are here. No matter how smart you are or how good in something.

But it is all in your hands now to change that. First, ask yourself – what gives me compare with others? How I would feel if I started to think about myself as good enough just as I am? What if I stop caring about others’ opinions about myself and start to live my life the best way I can?

Secondly, understand that there is nothing, no one, that can validate your worthiness, for your own love. No one can tell you, that you are not worthy, to love yourself. It is a process, but it is worth to practise loving yourself. I am inviting you to this journey, to train to love yourself

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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