Preparation for a journey

Preparation for a journey

When you plan to go on a trip. You know the two points. Where you start off and where you finish. Even if you just go to the shop around the corner. You can’t predict everything that you can meet on your way.

You might try to prepare for events that might appear. At least for some of them. But life is so random that you won’t be able to guess all situations you can find yourself in.

Despite all that, you are going on your great quest to buy bread and milk. Most likely, you even don’t think about “dangers” that might wait for you on your way.

It is similar to starting something new. New job. New relationship. New business. You can’t prepare yourself for any possible situation it might occur.

It is good to be prepared. To try come up with potential obstacles. Though, as I was just saying. It is impossible. You are unable to foretell and prepare yourself for everything.

You need to be flexible and be ready to adjust your plans to new circumstances. Focus on the final goal. Don’t worry too much about what might happen on your way. See those few steps you have in front of you and just go. #

This way you will arrive at your destination.


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