Refuse to be denied.

Refuse to be denied.

How many times you are decided to do something. You set your goal. You plan your steps to it, and you commit to following it. Everything goes maybe not great, but ok. You make progress. Step by step, you are getting closer to your goal.

And just then, in the less expected moment, something unexpected happens. Something, that you, even in your worst-case scenarios, did not predict. You might fill disappointed or even angry, that such a thing comes up. And that’s ok.

Another situation that might happen, even if everything is going ok. Nothing unpredicted show up. No surprises. But there are no visible effects as well. In such a situation, you might be as well disappointed. Moreover, you might start losing faith. That you can do it. That you can achieve your goal. That you can succeed.

This is a very tough situation. Cause, if you lose faith in yourself, it is very difficult to restore it. Great if there is a friend or group of friends, that you can talk to, that will help you to regain your faith. Thing is that you might feel so low that, you do not want to see and talk to anyone.

But hey. What will give you this kind of behaviour? This self-pity. It will make you feel even worst. How much your goal is important to you? How much achieving it, does matter for you? Why is that? Why is this so vital? Why do I want to accomplish that?

Forget about all the, I have to prove to everyone that I can do it. Forget about, I need to prove myself. Those answers, straightaway cross all your efforts and put you on the lost position. Do not allow yourself to be denied by such thinking. Find the positive and motivational reason why you want to succeed.

Ask yourself many times, why this is important for you and how much you care about that. Whenever the answer comes that you want to prove yourself, you better find something else. Something you will be committed to with all your heart, without the pressure, that you need to prove your worthiness to anyone, yourself included.

And when you find it, refuse to be denied. Make your dream comes true. This will give you the strength to overcome any and all blockages on your way to dream life. A life that you will enjoy it and love it. And that my dear, is what I wish you.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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