Refuse to give up.

Refuse to give up.

Sometimes in life, you might go through hard times. The things not always might go the way you planned and expected. You might feel low in such moments, and this is absolutely fine. You might be broken, disappointed or even depressed or angry that things are not the way you wanted.

Now, from you depends on how you will respond to such situations. Will you sit and give up? Wail how life is unfair. How bad, it is treating you? Or you will act according to the commitment you made? You might have to take a step back. But only to regroup, to look at the situation from a perspective and then come back and make it happen.

This might be a hard part. It is easy to give up. To sit and complain. I know. Been there. Your subconscious does not understand the idea of making a step back to move forward. For your subconscious, this is equal to failure. So your conscious job is to don’t think about that, just do it.

There is a saying that an arrow needs to be pulled back to shoot forward with great speed. Be like this arrow. Allow yourself to be pulled back, to take a step back. And then move forward. Just never allow yourself to give up on your dream. Refuse to give up.

Commit to your plan, your goal. If necessary, take that step back. Look at the issue from a different angle. Search for the help of someone with more experience, if needed. And then form a new plan and go, do what you say you commit to. Succeed, achieve your goal.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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