Relax in the midst of pandemonium.

Relax in the midst of pandemonium.

How are you feel, at the moment, when something unpredictable happens? When there are some clouds, some “storm”, around you. Chaos and disorder. How that kind of situations make you feel? If you do not like them, well, you not alone. No one likes that. You, like most people, might like simplicity and order. This means a safe and easy life. When the chaos shows up on the horizon, you might tend to start panicking. In some situations, you might be pretty harsh for yourself. Punishing self severely, for getting in such a situation. For not doing things right. Criticising self without understanding that it is not your fault.

Is that sound like you? What can you do in such circumstances? Will all that punishing and criticising, lead you to a solution? Will it make you feel better? Will make the chaos to disappear? You right, it will not help, in any way. Even, it will make the whole situation feel worst. You for sure will feel worse. No one like to be punished, or even just accused of something, that has no impact on that, whatsoever. No one like to be in the midst of chaos. No one likes it when the ground is shaking under one’s feet. But, this is something we can not always avoid in our life. No matter how hard you might try, there will be moments you will find yourself in the total apocalypse. So, what then? How can you deal with that?

Well, you might want to look, at the whole situation, from aside and see, if there is something you can do about it. Take a deep breath. Step back or even sit for a moment. Ask yourself – What can I do? Is there anything I can do to ease out the whole situation? And then, when you find that. When you find what can be done. Just focus on this only thing, plan your next move and concentrate on it. Accept that it might not be enough and you might even be criticised for that. Though, focus on what you can do and just do it. Shift your focus, from things you can not control, to the things you can. Exercise yourself in relaxing and breathing when in that kind of situation.

Helpful might be also to change your environment for a while. Like going for a walk into the park, forest, beach or lake. In a place surrounded by nature. Nourish yourself with peace and harmony of it. Enjoy that moment. You might want to ask yourself some helpful questions during this time. Such as, what makes me feel this way? Why do I feel like that? Why this chaos makes me feel this way? Is there anything I can do about it? What can I do? Changing your environment and asking those questions might help you find a solution you would not see in the whole mess. It not always might be possible to change the scenery. Though when next time chaos will happen, you can deal with it in a better way, remembering to try to change the scenery, step back, take a deep breath, focus on the next step, accept the outcome and possibility of being criticised, and just do your job.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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