Release yourself from fear

Release yourself from fear

Last time I was talking about fear. I have listed, six basic fears, after Napoleon Hill from his book “Think and grow rich“. I’ve explained what fear is. What is “doing” for you. And what steps you can take to release from it.

Today I will talk more about how you can release yourself from fear. 

Fear usually comes in pair with indecision and doubt. Those three states of mind are very dangerous and, unfortunately, popular nowadays.

Because of those feelings you can’t experience enjoyment and live the fullest life you could if you would understand that is just your decision to become free of them.

Start making decisions. Decide in harmony with your heart. Do not judge if it is good or bad.

Paraphrasing Napoleon Hills words. 

  • Release yourself from fear of death by reaching a decision to accept death as an inescapable part of life. Transformation of matter and energy,
  • Relieve yourself from fear of poverty by deciding to get along with whatever riches, wealth you can accumulate without stressing yourself.
  • Free yourself from fear of criticism by reaching a resolution to not worry what others do, think or say.
  • Eliminate fear of old age by deciding to accept it, not as a handicap, but as a great blessing, with wisdom, self-control and understanding.
  • Remove the fear of ill health, by the decision of forgetting all the symptoms.
  • Release yourself from fear of losing love by reaching the decision to accept that you will go through life alone, if necessary.

Finally, make a general decision that nothing that life can bring you is worth the price to feel worried.


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