Release yourself.

Release yourself.

I do believe that all people have great inside power, to achieve anything they want. I believe that you, dear reader, have that power inside you as well. The only thing is, that you are not aware of it, or, more likely, you are afraid to admit it, see it, use it. You might think that because in your past, you have done some mistakes, bad things, you do not deserve any good from life. That only thing you should get is a punishment for those mistakes.

Did you ever wonder, why do you believe in that? Why is that kind of belief exist in your head? Where do you get that kind of thoughts? Simply these kinds of beliefs and thoughts come from your childhood. All your beliefs come from these times. You were an observer and learned from what you heard and seen as a child. And honestly, most of those things were in a kind, that you need to deserve to be loved. The focus was usually on your mistakes, not on the things you have done properly. Am I right?

What can you do to free yourself? To release yourself from that mental prison? To finally be free and follow your dreams. Improve and use your skills and talents. To stop holding yourself from living your full life. To stop running in a circle of helplessness and powerlessness. What can you do to finally trust in yourself? To believe in your abilities? To believe that you can do whatever you want and you can achieve any goal.

Understand that it is you, who can give yourself that kind of privilege. No one can do that for you. So, declare now your freedom. Your right to be free, to think, to choose your actions and to follow your path. Freedom to use your whole potential, your whole creative power. Free yourself from that prison of inability, of feeling weak, of feeling unable to achieve anything. You might write this declaration on a paper if you like and then read it, at laud, anytime you feel that those old beliefs, thoughts are taking control over you. You are your best friend and guide, so be free, be strong and trust yourself.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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