Reprogramming your subconscious outdated codes

Reprogramming your subconscious outdated codes

Subconscious works using habits. It analyses the circumstances, draws conclusions and saves them in your mind as an example, kind of scheme for future similar situations. During a lifetime it cumulates thousands of those codes. Some are very helpful, lifesaving even. Other, were good years back in different circumstances. However, now those are outdated and instead of helping they slow down your progress.

Now, great is that you actually can change them, reprogram your codes, rewrite them using new ones. The catch is that it will require some work from you. You will have to check with yourself what you believe in and make a decision which of your thoughts, faiths are still useful. Then you need to override them using new codes. You can’t actually just delete old ones. To do this, you will need to repeat the new code many times.

As an example, let’s picture that.
You see that someone look at you and then quickly turn away. What is your first thought? Is it that you are not an interesting person, not attractive, worthless? That first thought is what you subconsciously believe. But is that really the truth? Do you actually think like that? In fact, all people are important, precious, and in its own way beautiful. Truth is that you do not have to be liked by all people, and most likely you won’t be. The way someone looks at you is not a definition of who you really are.

So to overwrite that, you might use the following code – I am important and valuable. Always. Everyday. No matter the circumstances.

You can use this technique with every old and unwanted code. Just find the outdated code. Replace it. Repeat the new code. And observe changes in your way of looking at the world and the people around you.


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