Respect, a powerful tool.

Respect, a powerful tool.

What is your approach to others? Do you respect them? Do you show them that? Or you treat other people like a less fortunate, less smart, less … whatever, than you? Or maybe you want to outsmart them, thinking that they are bad, they try to cheat you, use you. How about the official institutions and people working there? How do you approach them? Do you try to get from them everything you want? Thinking that you deserve that, obviously. That they do not want to give you anything as they bad, unhelpful and corrupt? Is this how you perceive the world?

Well, if you didn’t read my previous materials, I want to ask you that again? What this kind of perception and attitude will give you? What you think will be the response of those other people? If your intentions are not pure, do you think the people you approach will not feel that? As Einstein said if you see the world as a hostile place, full of hate, treasons, cheating and other negativity, the world will respond accordingly. And prove to you that, it is the way you think about it. How do you like that idea? Is that something appealing to you? Do you want that to be true? Do you want to live in that kind of world? What can you do if you don’t like the above?

Again, paraphrasing Einstein words, if you like to have nice encounters in your life. If you want to be treated fairly and with respect. You need to start with yourself. The only way you can have an impact on the world and at the same time, change the way the world treats you, is through transforming yourself. Start to see the world as a beautiful place, full of wonders and friendly and honest people. Think how good is to meet that kind of people. Smile at every person you are passing on the street. Approach every clerk, in any office, you have to go, with respect. Treat that person as equal. Be kind and honest and you will get the same in return.

Do this to every person you are meeting during your day. Be kind and respectful. Though be assertive as well. Do not allow anybody to treat you as a lesser person. Have boundaries that no one, with bad intentions, can cross. Be respectful and await respect. Be kind and expect that the world and people will be kind to you. That is the right way to look at the world and people. And the world and people will respond to this respectively. This way you improve your life. You will feel more joy and happiness. You will be less stressed and your life will be better. Try it for yourself. It cost you nothing, just a bit of effort. And you can always return, to your previous way, if that is what you want. I do believe though, that when you will experience kindness and respect from the world, you will not want to go back.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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