Rewrite your script

Rewrite your script

How many of you, was dreaming, to be a great movie star? At some point in life. This is, at least for a short moment, a dream of most of the kids and teenagers. Including me and probably you as well.

Now, I wanna tell you that you are a star. You are the star of your life. The greatest movie in the world. Because is about you.

The interesting is that you are not only a star. You are a director and a scriptwriter as well. You, by your beliefs. By images about yourself. You writing and directing your “movie”.

You not believing me? You don’t have to. Just ask yourself. What, I believe, is true about me? About myself. What image about me I keep in my mind?

If your answers where mostly like from some drama movie. Well, this is your script. You wrote it. And now you directing it. And you play the main role.

You don’t like it? I have good news. As I said, you are a scriptwriter. Question is. Are you willing to go back to a drawing board and rewrite your script?

Great. Do not hesitate. Just go back and change the image you have in your mind. Change the beliefs you have about yourself. And start acting according to the new script.

Finally, be the great star of the greatest movie about you.


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