Root out limiting beliefs

Root out limiting beliefs

 I want to have a house. I want to have a great car. I want to have a better job. I want to have a great relationship. I want to belong to some group.

 Does that sound familiar? So why you don’t have all of that? What it is that stopping you?

 There might be at least a few reasons for that. One of them is limiting beliefs. The one that was imprinted in you when you were little kid.

 Unfortunately, your close ones, in good faith, but without understanding, tried to protect you. They tried to save you disappointments and failures.

 They do this by telling you little lies. Those lies became rules for you in your adult life. Those rules are stopping you from getting what you are capable of and what you deserve.

 Typical beliefs are :

  • I need to be rich to be happy, 
  • It takes a long time to succeed,
  • I need to work hard to have enough to live.
  • No pain, no gain
  • Others are better than me.

 Those beliefs are rooted in you so deeply that you even might not consciously notice them when you use them to stop yourself from achieving your goal.

 Now, to make a change in your life. To finally achieve your goals. You have to, recognise and change your limiting beliefs. To do this ask yourself some questions like.

Without this belief:

  • Who would I be?
  • What would be possible in my life?
  • What choices would I make?
  • How would that impact my life?

When you find answers. True answers. Those hidden deep in you. Under those beliefs. Think about new beliefs. To replace the old ones with them.

 Beliefs that will build your confidence. Show you your power, your abilities. Moves your heart in the positive direction of your goal.

Focus on them. Repeat them as often as necessary. And root out the old limiting beliefs from your mind.


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