Run to your future

Run to your future

Does your past make you feel bad? Did you make something wrong in your past, that is still hanging over you? Or maybe something happened to you and this is what makes you believe you’re defective?

We all have that kind of bad experiences in our past. The thing is that this is the past. It is already history. You can not change it. The only thing you can do is to fix the damage. Make peace with whatever happened and with yourself.

To make it easier, have a goal. Have a clear vision of your destiny. And run to it. Because when you run toward your destiny, you leave your past behind you.

Start running. Run to your future, to your goal. Leave all that is stopping you behind. Do this by focusing on today’s tasks. On things, that you can do today, to have better tomorrow.

Even if sometimes you might not feel like. That’s fine. Just don’t stop. Don’t look back. Always move forward. Always have your goal, your destiny in front of you and do things that get you closer to your dream.

If you can’t run at this moment in life, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But don’t stop, always move toward your future. Leave history behind you.


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