See the little things.

See the little things.

The world around you is so beautiful. There are so many gorgeous things in it. You are literally surrounded by them. The question is, do you see them? Do you have time to stop and look at the sky? See the mysterious shapes clouds can take. Or have you time to go into park, forest and see the greenness of the trees. The beauty of little stream going through the grass, making its way to the river or lake. Or have you just, sit at the edge of the sea, watching waves coming and going? The calmness of it.

Maybe you did so. That’s great if you have and when you allow yourself to have time for that. Most of the people are too busy, running around. Are you like them? Ticking out things from your ToDo list. Not having time for before-mentioned things. Looking into a point that always is somewhere on the horizon. Always out of reach, disappearing whenever you get closer to it. Always in kind of between time state, not NOW anymore but not THERE yet also. Living in a constant state of stress. Worrying, if you will have enough time. If you will be able to tick all of your things.

Do you want to keep this state? What are you getting from it? Is this something you want? What can you do about it? Well, now when you know, that this is something that you not really want, in your life. You might start to think about what can you do to release yourself from it. Look around you. Look at all what you have. Look at all beauty that surrounds you. See the little things and be grateful for having them or be able to see them. Those little things, create the reality of your day. From having or seeing them, you can get free, pure emotions. Such as happiness, gratitude, joy.

Look around you. What three things you see that makes you smile. List the three things that make you fill happy and calm. Every morning do this little exercise. Do not worry, if, in the beginning, you do not see those things straight away. Or if you do not connect things to positive emotions. Still, look around. Take your time to do this. Be patient and watchful. Those things are all around you. You might see them, yet still, you might need to shift your thinking and feeling about them. For example, having tea or coffee in the morning, start to think about how grateful you are, for that cup. Practice this every day. Search for those little things. Trust me. You will see more of them every day.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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