Self-acceptance – the what, the why, the how.

Self-acceptance – the what, the why, the how.

So how it is with you? Do you accept yourself? What self-acceptance means in your opinion? What it is really? Why should you accept yourself? And in how many percents? So how can you do it?

What is it? What does it mean?

Do you like yourself? The way you just are? Or you are thinking something along those lines, I need to do more work. I need to try harder. I need to be better. I do not like this in me. I need to be more focused. How could I do this or that? I need to change this in me. I need to work on this or that part of me. I need to … whatever.

If you are going this path, you are not really accepting yourself fully. Self-acceptance means, that you are aware of every part of yourself and you simply accept that part in you. It is hard sometimes. Especially, when you think about some really annoying defects of yours. I know. I understand. Been there as well. But it is worth it.

Do not get me wrong. This does not mean that you will fall into self-contentment and will not want to change at all. Saying – Och, well, I am who I am. If you do not like me, it’s your problem, not mine. This does not mean that you like, admire or praise every aspect of yourself. This is far from that.

In fact, you are aware and you accept your flaws. You understand that these, even if not necessarily likeable, parts creates you. You know also the difference between things you do and who you are. Lastly, you accept that fact and at the same time, you are working on self-improvement.

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Why should you accept yourself?

A very good question. So, what would you say? Why should you accept yourself? Why you might want to accept yourself? Why this is important for me? Write the answers down on the paper. Got it? Ask again. Why I want or should accept myself? And why it is important for me? Write it down. And ask again. And write down the answer.

Do this a few times. Do this quickly. Just ask and write down the answer. The first one that is coming to you. Even if that will be a negation. Something like. I can’t like myself because… Do not focus on these answers too much. Just write them down.

This simple exercise will help you to find out if you are willing to accept yourself or you refuse and defend yourself from acceptance. From this recognition, you will be more aware of how to approach, you need to undertake, to start accepting yourself.

Did you find your answer? In any case, here is another aspect, you might want to consider. A high level of self-acceptance is tightly bound to your mental health. It protects you and helps you in building positive and healthy relationships with yourself and others. Furthermore, it supports you in developing healthy habits.

How can you accept yourself?

There are many methods of how can you do this. I would like thou again ask you, about your opinion. What do you think you can do, to accept yourself? Make a note. On a scale from 1-10, where 1 is hard and 10 easy how would you mark this action you just wrote? If you give yourself less than 7, what could you do to increase this number? When do you want to start? Today? Awesome.

Let’s try another exercise. Close your eyes and imagine this. You have magic power. You can snap your fingers and everything would be as you wish. You will accept yourself thoroughly. How would it be? How would you feel? What emotions would accompany this? How would you act? How would you walk? How would you talk with others? Now, open your eyes and start to behave as that image of you.

These two exercises will help you accept yourself. I believe that you already know the answer. You might just be afraid to ask the questions. When you honestly answer the questions from the first exercise, two paragraphs above, you get the answers that are yours. Aligned with your beliefs and faiths.

The second exercise connects your idea of how, in your opinion behave and look, a self-accepting person, with your emotions. This builds a strong bond, between you now and you in future. And by this, shows you, that you already know, how you want to feel and act. And makes you a model of you, to which you now have access and can follow and look at on your way to becoming this better you.


Concluding this, you know now that self-acceptance isn’t admiring all your characteristics. That it is accepting them as part of you that can be work on. You know why self-acceptance is so important for you and your health. And you know two simple exercises that you can do on your own.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support I would love to help you with this task. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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