Do you love yourself? Do you? How are you react in situations when you know you could do better? When you feel, you screw up? Do you get mad at yourself? Do you get angry at yourself?

You might get angry at others or the circumstances. But stop for a second and think if this really anger at those things? Cause, when you dig deeper, you will find that you are angry at yourself. That you are disappointed with yourself, your doing.

This kind of emotions can come from your childhood. When there was someone who criticises you. Who always tried to correct you, “improve” you. Who always was pointing out the imperfections in you or your behaviour or actions.

This person could have good intentions but did not know how to actually show you the right way. And did not know that it is actually harming you, not helping. Moreover, it’s programming you to not accept yourself, your actions, your emotions.

Now. You are an adult, yet those beliefs can be still in power. Can still have an impact on your life. But, you are in power to change this. First, admit to yourself, that this is true. Then ask, do I still want to believe in this? What do I want to believe? Then repeat to yourself this new belief at every possible occasion and see your life, changing to the better.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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