Quite often happen that you get to some group of people, called friends, and you stick with them. No matter how harsh and rude, to you, they might be, sometimes. It is called friendship.

When you have friends who insult you and laugh at you, you are most likely convinced that they are your true ones. Even if deep inside, you are hurt, feel sad and upset. You tend to be deaf to what your heart is telling you.

This way you are sabotaging yourself, and your growth. How? How can you grow if you feel bad about yourself? How can you grow if someone is all the time, rudely, pointing out all your flaws? 

You know that already. In your heart. But yet, here you are. The fear of being different, of losing your pack, of being alone is too big. I totally understand that.

You can do a few things. 

  • Stay with that group and do nothing. Allow your friends to still insult you.
  • You can stay with them and be yourself. Fearlessly behave and state your mind.
  • Or you can leave the group and look for one where people will respect you and show you love just because you are.

The choice is yours.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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