Sens of life.

Sens of life.

What is the sense of life? What is its purpose? It is an eternal question people ask themself. Many great personalities, in the past and in our times and most likely in the future, try to find the answer.

You might look for it in great books, quotes, and ideas for a golden definition of life sense. But in fairness, I do not think you will find it. Sorry. Even I might be wrong now. However, I will tell you what, in my opinion, is the sense of life.

It is an experience of little, everyday things and situations. You need to be present now and feel those with your heart. Only being here and now can give you this.

You can not build your life sense on the material objects you possess. Those are not stable. Not permanent. You can not buy or achieve your life purpose. It is eternal, changeless and always available to you and anyone else, who is open to see it.

Where you can find it? In simple, little things you do or see or experience every day. Just stop for a moment and look around. See the beauty of the sunrise. Feel the fresh breeze from the sea. Taste your favourite fruit.

Feel the love, gratitude and bliss, that coming from your heart. Enjoy every moment of your life. Be present in every minute of it. As this is the true sense of life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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