Share your goodness.

Share your goodness.

Often you might think that if you will be nice to someone he or she might think that you are crazy or that you impose or you are funny or anything other reaction you might think of.

You might be a little ashamed to, for example, propose a glass of water to delivery driver in a hot day. Or offer a lift to someone heading the same direction as you. Or invite someone under your umbrella on a rainy day.

I was like that for a long time. Always analysing what others will think about my acts of kindness. I have believed that others are better, perfect. That they do not need and do not accept, help from someone like me. Cause I was worst, less important and so on.

This lack of self-esteem will give you two thinks. You will feel bad about yourself even more. And you will feel afraid of making someone’s day.

Now, to not believe that way anymore, realise that every kind proposal, offering and an invitation is a little sharing of positivity and love. Be willing to spread that goodness you have in you. Make someone’s day. And remember one simple rule. 

The more goodness you are sharing, the more returns to you.


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