Simplify your life.

Simplify your life.

Do you find yourself often jumping from one task to another? Even if, sometimes, you did not finish the previous one? Do you try to multitasking throughout your assignments? Do you start another task straight after the other one is done? Or taking on your shoulders too many tasks? Maybe you like to overcomplicate stuff, by adding some extra bits to it? How you start your day? What you focus on? What are your intentions for your day? Do you actually set any intention for your day, like consciously? Find a moment to think about those questions. To find your answers to them. They quite important, if you ever thought about, why you do not have time. Why you do not finish your tasks in time? Or how can you improve your life and workflow?

Some time ago, I remember, I was told that I need to be able to multitask. To be ready and willing, to switch between many duties, and do them, kind of together. Still, many people believe, that this is the way of productivity. In many jobs description, this is one of the main, desired skills. Though is this really so good? I am not, a god knows, what kind of expert in this area. Though, from my observation and my own experience, I have found out, that this is not really a good thing. This whole jumping between tasks. Doing them all in one time, concurrently. This creates more chaos and slows you down. It actually reduces productivity.

Similarly is with taking assignment after assignment. Adding them up to your to-do list. The same is, with starting another task, straight after you just finished the first one? Of course, you might think that this is the way it must be. Or maybe you even like to work this way. That is your choice and if you are happy with that, no one can, or even should, try to change you. However, if you not really content with this kind of way of living, you might want to do something, to transform your life. To make it better, simpler, more enjoyable. To go through your day with more easiness and at the end of the day fill more satisfaction from your work. To reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your work. And to get your job done on time. So, what can you do? Below you find a few simple steps you can use.

If you answer the questions above, it was your first step. When you make the decision, that you want to improve your life, it was your second step. See, you already made some progress. Now, starting your day, set an intention for it and hold to it through the day. Having many tasks to do is a common thing. Prioritise them. Chose the one that is the most important and focus on it until you have done it, or until you decide the time for this task is over. Do just that one task, do not let anything distract you. Build your plan for a day using time containers. Set slots, for example of 30-45 minutes, for some small tasks. Allow yourself two to three minutes, to just sit down and clear your mind, when you finish a task and before moving to the next one. Plan your day forward, even simple things. Like, having a snack or watching some show, at a particular time. Make every action a form of meditation. Be present. Be conscious. Be, fully, with the activity.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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