Simplify your life.

Simplify your life.

Are you like to complicate your life? Not purposely, of course. It just happens. Whenever you are given some choices, you start to overthink. Or when there is some obstacle on your way or some problem occurs. You look at every option, from some many angles, that none of them actually look good enough. You start problem-solving it. Checking all information, considering all possibilities. Approaching it, in your head, form every possible direction, seeing just the flaws of all of those approaches. Not be able to actually make your mind, make a decision, as each of them is not good enough. Is that you?

I was like, that, well, I still am like that, though I have improved and am still improving, in this field. Yes, unfortunately, it requires some effort, to stop overthinking and not complicating things. Fortunately, this is possible. If you are like that as well. If you do the same in your life. Read this post. It is just your mind, giving you that kind of sensation, that you can not make a good choice. Your mind is trying to overcomplicate every situation, which, in reality. is very simple. Your mind, acting this way, want to keep you safe and at the same time, not doing anything.

You need to understand that this is not good for you. That this is actually keeping you from great experiences. It is not securing you, well it is a bit, but most importantly, it is stopping you from moving forward. From following your dreams, your desires. O yes, you will be safe in the place you are now. Sure. Though, so many great encounters will just pass by you, when you will stay in this place. You will miss so many great opportunities, to see and experience in many other ways, great things. You will block yourself from growing, from becoming a better version of yourself.

Is that what you want? If so, I wish you all the best and all blessings in your life. Though, I hope that you want more from your life than that. That you are brave enough to say to your mind – Stop! Stop complicating. Simplify. And then listen to your heart and intuition, as you know what is good for you. You know that deep inside you. You know the simple solution to your situation. Calm down your racing thoughts, open yourself for the best solution and believe that you have it already, it is in you. Just relax and allow yourself to simplify, to discover the simplest answer, that is already in you.

A great tool, that will help you with this task is a pencil and paper. Take it and write on it, define your current situation, problem, issue. Writing keep an open mind, be nonjudgmental, tolerant, neutral. Identify your main goal. What is that you want to achieve? What would be the best solution to this? Are there other options? Which one is the simplest? Are you completely sure? Are you sure that this is impossible to implement? Why? What could you do to make it possible? What other simple solution you could implement to make the situation better? Keep your mind focus on this, do not allow it to drift to negative thoughts. Keep thinking in a positive way. Make your life better, easier, simpler.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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