Slow down with your life

Slow down with your life

In our times, in our world, all around are hurrying, rushing and running. To get all things, from the TODO list, done. You live in a sensation that you have not enough time to get all your stuff done. You might make a joke, that day should be, at least, twice as long as it is. And then you could do all that you have planned.

Well, let me tell you something. Maybe you could finish all things. Or maybe you would have more things on your todo list. And still, not enough hours to do them all.

Thing is that of course, it is good to have that kind of list. It is good to tick things out. However, if you concentrate too much on that list, you will start living in the survival mode. You just, unconsciously, focus on your physicality and biological processes that keep you alive.

Being too long in that mode will make you feel exhausted. You might even feel depressed, without life purpose. You are experiencing that cause your energy is imbalanced. I want to share with you some concept and meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza from his book “Becoming Supernatural“.

In short, you live in the world made from energy and matter. You have seven energy centres in you and one above you. You are emitting energy from those centres all the time. With different intentions, depending on, which of these centres is activated.

The key is to maintain a balance between all of them. To do this, Dispenza introduces a simple meditation.

Sit down. Relax and then, focus on each of the centres, one at a time. Feel it and put your attention on and around it. Feel like this centre is opening-up, and more energy is flowing through it. Finally, blessed that centre for the greatest good, and connect elevated emotion to that blessing. Such as gratitude, love, joy. Repeat these steps for all of the centres.

If you would like to know more about this meditation. All the processes, energy flow and how you to can become supernatural, I am encouraging you to use the link below to get your copy of that book. Read it and use it for your own greatest good and understanding

Dr Joe Dispenza – Becoming supernatural.



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