Let’s talk about one of the worst diseases of our times. It is called “Someday”. Often people have a goal, thing they want to achieve, an idea for new product or service, and so on. But usually, what happens, they postpone that thing, waiting for time to be right.

In such moments usually can be heard a sentence – I will do this or that, someday. When the time will be right. Does that sound familiar? Is it your way of doing? Guess what? The time never will be right. The lights on your path never will be all green at the same time. And, sadly, the “someday” will take all your dreams, plans and ideas to the grave with you.

It is not that some greater power conspires against you. However, it does not go out of your way either. If you have a plan or idea, ask yourself – How important this is for me? Why is it so important for me? What will I feel when I achieve this?

Then just start. Make the first step. Just do it and correct the course of your actions along the way. Have your dream in front of you. Think about it all the time. Follow your heart. Enjoy your life and the road to it. And you will achieve your goal in no time.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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