Stay positive in negative times.

Stay positive in negative times.

There are times now that a lot of people consider as very hard, unbearable and difficult. All Nations feel disgusted, stressed and depressed by what is going on around them. You might feel this way as well, and that’s completely normal and natural. We are all connected, even though you might be unaware of this fact. Because of this connection, your surroundings have a huge impact on you and on how you feel. It takes a lot of willpower to defend yourself from getting into the gloomy mood of your surroundings.

Moreover, even if you are able to protect yourself and your heart, from this influence, you are still in danger. When you listen to those people and start to feel sorry for them, the most powerful law of all in the universe will start to bring more of those people and situations into your life. If you wonder what law it is, is the one you might read for example in the book “The Success” by Rhonda Byrne. It is the law of attraction, which simply brings you that, what you are focusing on the most.

So even if you do not complain, you remain positive and motivated. When you surround yourself with people who complain and are unhappy. You send a powerful message to the universe, saying send me more of that. Do you really want that? I hope not. On the other hand, you do not want, that your close ones, your friends, family, will get more of that either. So what can you do? How can you help them? The answer is you can not.

Or put this way. You are unable to do this if they do not want to change themself. Not for you, or for someone else, but for themselves. The same rule applies to you. You can not change yourself and you should not change yourself for someone else. I know this sounds so romantic and dramatic in movies. But honestly, in real-life, this will bring only suffering and conflict within you. The only thing you can do is to talk to them, without judging and criticism. If that will not help, you might consider a change or reducing time with the company of these people. But most importantly…

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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