Staying positive in unfortunate situations.

Staying positive in unfortunate situations.

How can you stay positive and relaxed when everything around makes you stressed? How can you feel the inspiration and motivation, when everything goes wrong? How can you be happy when your all efforts are pointless or even worst, turns wrong?

Sometimes you might feel and think this way. Look at the world as a very unfriendly place. But this kind of perceiving of your surroundings will not make it the situation better. Believe me, I’ve been there. Even now and then that kind of thoughts try to invade my mind.

I can assure you that if you let them in, they will bring more friends, and your mood will be even worst. In that kind of moments, my solution is to go into some park or even better forest, where I can walk and allow my thought to calm down. During this walk, I am ignoring all thoughts about the bad things that happen, focusing on the beauty of nature.

Another activity, I am doing, if the walk is not possible, is meditation. I am sitting in a quiet place. And go for a walk, in my head. I am visiting a beautiful forest. Look at the views and enjoy the peace and magnificence of that place. Again ignoring all negative thoughts trying to get my attention.

One more exercise I am doing is writing down all the negative thought about what happened. All the sad and depressing emotions. Without thinking and judging them. I just write them down and then I burn them, letting them go.

Those are very powerful and helpful, in such situations, activities. I am sure, that if you do some research, you find more like this. Try them on and find ones that will work for you. It may take some time but it is worth it. This activities, whatever one you will choose, will make you calmer, focused and might bring you a solution to your troubles. Or at least, will help you with this.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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