Steps to improve your self-image.

Steps to improve your self-image.

You are worthless. You are a loser. You are a failure. You can not do anything right. You know nothing. You are the worst worker, parent, partner in the world. How many times you have heard that kind of words? How did you feel in these moments? That was not nice. Surely it was depressing, lowering your self-esteem, your self-worthiness. Now, how many times you were saying that kind of words to yourself? How many times you, yourself, was thinking this kind of thoughts about yourself? How many times, you feel this way about yourself?

Not always others can call you using the above sentences. If they are the ones, who make you feel unworthy, maybe it’s time to look for people who will support you. Though, many times it might happen, that people around you actually prise you. They think about you, in a positive way. They like you, like your company, seek your advice and help. They enjoy many different kinds of interactions with you. Yet, you, for some reason, are blind to all this. You are so focused on your past mistakes, old beliefs, flaws and imperfections, that you can’t see how much other people, your friends, relatives, appreciate you. You, Your presence, your advice, your company.

What can you do in such a situation? Can you change anything? More importantly, do you want to change anything? How can you do this? Well, I do believe that you know the answers. Moreover, you know what needs to be done to change this. The thing is how much is that important for you? If you had a scale, let say from 1 to 10, where 1 is not important and 10 very important. How many points you would give to this action? To this desire to improve your self-image, self-worthiness. Is it somewhere below six? Or maybe it is nine or ten? If it is below six, it means, that you do not really care, or want to change anything. Higher points, above six, means you really want to do something. You are ready to transform your life, to be more satisfying, more enjoyable.

Having low points is nothing to feel bad about. It is what it is. At least, now you are aware of this. This awareness might actually start, the first stage of transformation. By making you want to change your life and feel better. By making you want to increase the points on the scale. And by this, making you take the actions, necessary to improve your self-image. Like focusing on the positive aspects of who you are and what good you have done. On your strengths, on your virtues and talents. Noticing what your close ones say about you. Seeking company of people with whom, you will feel good, happy, appreciate and loved, by who you are. Those are simple steps to build your self-worthiness, self-esteem, self-respect. From you now depends if you want to use them.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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