Stop fighting with the whole universe.

Stop fighting with the whole universe.

I want that thing, job, car, whatever! I want it now! I have to have it! I will be mad if I can’t! Will that kind of behaviour get you the thing you want? Do you think that this is the way to achieve whatever it is you want? Or maybe there is another way? Are you curious? Let’s check it then

What battle do you fight?

In life, you might have a plan of how you want it to look. What things, you want to have. What kind of car, house, job, partner. Where do you like to live. Things like that. It might be a very precise plan or just kind of like a sketch. Both ways are good. If it suits you, it is fine. Yet, no matter what is that plan of yours, it might feels annoyed or anxious, if the realisation goes slow. Too slow, as you might think. In this kind of situation, you might, in your annoyment, start fights with everything and everyone, who, in your opinion, is on your way to your success.

You might feel that, no matter what are you doing. Regardless of how much work do you put into some projects. Despite how much time do you spend on something, that suppose to should help you to get to your goal. No matter how much effort you put into something. Everything goes out of the window. All your doings feel useless. You might have a feeling of banging your head against the wall. Like fighting with windmills. This is a very frustrating situation. I know that very well. I was that kind of fighter myself. Always, no matter what I was doing, I felt like hitting the invisible wall.

Are you feeling the same? Like all planning, of how you would like to have your life and what you will do to have it. All your efforts, you put into the realisation of that plan, feels ineffective. It might also feel like fighting against the whole world. Or maybe even the universe. Like every being is either trying to make it harder or laugh at you. At your struggles. Do you know that feeling? But does it really have to be like that? Is that the only way for you to live? Do you want to believe in that? Seriously? What you can do to stop this mad circle?

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Why stop fights?

These kinds of battles, not only makes you feel even more powerless, useless and worthless. They might also make you feel mad, angry, enraged. Even if you maintain to hide those deep in you. It is not for long. In the less expected moment, you might lose control of yourself. I’ve experienced this too. And you do not have to believe me, it was a horrible experience, especially when I come up to my senses and realise what I did. How I overreact. Even if, fortunately, no one gets hurts physically. There were mental kinds of wounds. I do not want to experience this again. And I do not wish that kind of experience to anyone.

Fighting and resisting with anything is kind of our natural instinct. You might just feel that you have to stand up for your rights. That you cannot let anything stop you. Opposing you. Blocking you on your path. And you are absolutely right, to some extend. You need to protect yourself and take care of yourself. However, would you risk horrible injuries, maybe disability or even death, just for sake of proving yourself? Can’t you just do something else? Without of course letting the bad thing happen to you. And, of course, without feeling like you are a run-away loser.

Let’s take a real-life example. Going for a journey and arriving at the bottom of the enormous and steep mountain, where you know, that your goal is on the other side. Would you start climbing on that mountain, without equipment, if you have never done anything like that? Maybe you would start to dig a tunnel to get to the other side, again without proper knowledge and equipment? Or maybe you would choose a path going around that mountain, which most likely will get you on the other side where your goal is?

The whole restraining and fighting only increase the attraction of the thing you are fighting against. It makes it harder to overcome. It brings more of these kinds of things to you, to your life. Observe your or your friend’s life. What do they focus on? What is the main subject of their conversations? By the main subject, I mean the one, where there is the most emotional load associated. Like do they complain at loud about something? Did that thing disappear from yours, their lives? Or you are getting more of them.

How can you stop fighting?

One more quick example. I am sure you are aware of the fact, that if you want to float on the surface of the water you cannot be rigid, right. So what can you actually do? As you have seen the fighting brings you more struggle. It is pointless. But honestly, do you need to fight?  What would happen if you stop? Why don’t you try that now? Stop. Don’t fight. Just think for a second, why you can’t achieve whatever is that you planed? I can assure you, that is everything right with you. You are not faulty in any way. You are an amazing and important person.

I would like you to consider a few things. What if the universe has something better for you in the pocket? Some other plan. Much more suiting you and your abilities. You might think, that you know better what is good for you. But what if you are mistaken? Are you almighty to know everything and to be a hundred per cent sure, what is really the best for you? I know and understand that when setting a goal, you might be really precise and certain what it is. Let say you want to own a home. You know the look of it and the location where you want it to be. Though, can you say for sure that this will be the best of the best for you? Again, are you some kind of a god?

Recently, I have read, heard and seen many examples of people, who actually gave up the fight. Who decided to put their energy into following the path to their goal. At the same time, trusting that the universe, god, a higher instance, will lead them to it the right way. Even if it was not exactly the way they chose. Trusting that, even going around, is needed, as there might be some experience, knowledge that is required. Not only for achieving the goal. But also to not waste it, to keep it. So they go with the flow, instead of against it. Trusting that there is something amazing waiting for them ahead.

Can you do this as well? Can you trust the universe or whatever you want to call, that greater power you believe in? Can you stop fighting? Can you stop being offended so easily, if something is not as you wish? Can you use that energy in searching for the path around? Trusting that there is something really great, waiting for you, just behind that corner? Just behind that mountain, that rises in front of you. Can you relax and go with the flow? Ask yourself those questions. Those are a very important one.


As you see, sometimes it’s good to stand for your rights. However, there are also situations, where it is better to save that energy and use it on something else. Trusting in the greater power, that it will lead you the right way. Teach you the required abilities on that journey. And finally brings you to destination, that might be not exactly as you imagine it, but far, far better for you. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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